10 reasons why Jessie Williams speech was magical.

1. He over shadowed Beyoncé...which is normally beyond the realm of physics...but here we are remembering where we were (and how we felt) when we first heard his speech.

2. In one speech he took on the form of rapper Rakim, Malcom X, Nina Simone, Harry Belafonte, Dr. Harry Edwards, Michelle Alexander, Nas, and your favorite crazy HOTEP friend who keeps forwarding you articles on reparations. In fact he took on so many forms I couldn't recognize him afterwards.

3. BET executives didn't know if they were scared or proud. Someone back there was pondering "are we the next line in this 'hit em up' speech?!?"

4. You know your magical when you tell an audience full of fake people to stop being superficially fake and they applaud you for it.

5. He dropped a term which even had me scrunch my face "invention called whiteness"....did I mention that he is proudly biracial..his mom (who is in fact white) seemed to smile the hardest in the audience with that line...like I said magical.

6. When you think back to 2016...Jesse Williams speech will be the thing you told your grand kids you saw in real time. (Black women around the country were yelling at the T.V. "That's my best friend! That's my best friend! You betta!")

7. No disrespect to the POTUS (who I love)...but JW delivered a speech I've been waiting to hear from POTUS in 7.5 years...JW just won the biracial brother of the year award (is that a thing?).

8. I watched it 10 times (and counting) and it still sounds fresh.

9. When you wake up in the morning pondering your social-activist existence....and asking "are you doing enough" personally...that's how you know it's real.

10. As if his speech wasn't HARD enough. He walked off the stage with a fist in the air. Magical.

Bonus: It was simulcast on MTV, MTV2. VH1, Comedy Central…and Nickelodeon. That means somebody somewhere got inexplicably 'Woke'...probably by accident...but it's too late now...there is no going back once you've taken the red pill..everything you know to be real vanishes....So yeah A Black Man just 'woke' America out the Matrix....welcome to the REAL world. 

Be Blessed.

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