The otherday I joked (on facebook of course) about the "end of society" regarding the Brexit fiasco in the U.K. some you interpreted this (and rightfully so) to mean the economic impact of such a decision...but that was only partially correct. What I really meant was society is failing because we live in the most technologically advanced time in the history of our planet...but people as a whole are getting dumber. How is that possible you ask?!?...because we (as a society) no longer process information longer than 30 seconds. Even now some of you reading are already starting to lose interest in this post. Because technology has made information easier and more condensed, our attention spans and intellectual interest has diminished as well.

So what is the end result?

1. We have a group of voters who rather be told why and who they should vote for, rather than read, interpret and intellectualize internally why this is the best decision.

2. We have populous that makes the iPad/Tablet king...and the book a regular pauper.

3. We have voters who see highly educated people as 'elite', rather experts in their field.

4. We have voters, who are raising their children to base a decision on how they feel, not based on facts and logic.

5. We have a legit presidential candidate who makes an entire speech out of sound bites not rooted in facts but dogma, propaganda, and fear.

6. We have a legit presidential candidate who despite physically being in the nation that voted overwhelmingly AGAINST leaving the European union, declared the Scots are ecstatic about the result. You know because it was too much to research a subject before speaking on it...which wouldn't be problem if this was just a one time thing....but sadly this has become such a trend with him (lack interest in knowledge and fact)...that it's not even shocking anymore...

7. We have a society of regular people passing themselves off as "experts" because they read something on the internet, or watched a 2 minute video, or saw someone on their favorite cable news channel.

8. We have a generation of people who are more social media active but have a harder time connecting on a personal-in person level.

9. We have a society of people who don't value experience and confuse my law degree with their Google research. It's not like I went to school for 3 years studying this discipline and have dedicated 8 years of my professional life to this field.....because you know What's over a decade of experience compared to a 5 minute Google search.

10. We have people who actually view an entire group of people as terrorists because of .003% of that racial (religious) group is extreme.

11. You have a society who use religion as a vehicle of hate rather than a bridge of peace.

12. You have a society where a mediocre student could actually get her case heard by the Supreme Court because of entitlement. Blaming her denial of her admission into a school on Affirmative Action, rather than her average performance in academics.

13. You have a society where people legitimately argued on her behalf, despite facts and research.

14. You have a Justice system that has become disturbingly and increasingly less balanced and fair, yet nobody is batting an eye.

15. We have society who legitimately felt a President of the United States wanted to personally take away guns simply because he wanted a better system in place.

16. You have politicians in the House and the Senate (on both sides) who use misinformation to highlight their agenda rather doing what is right.

17. You have a voter who would vote based on name recognition on a ballot rather than knowing anything substantive on the candidate.

18. You have political parties that count on voter ignorance and choose not to educate the populous.

19. We have a society that thinks reality T.V. Is actual reality.

20. We have parents who haven't read and finished an entire book in the last five years, nurturing their children's educational goals.

21. We have people who didn't even finish this list, because 21 reasons was too much concentration for them.

Be Blessed. 

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